• 1000ml Russian Standard £nan
  • 50g Mosaic Hops £nan
  • 12.5g Cascade Hops £nan
  • 12.5g Bravo Hops £nan
  • 5g Amarillo Hops £nan
  • 1000ml Water £nan
  • Total Ingredients Price:£nan
  • Total Weight:2,080g
  • Price per 100g:£nan
  • Add all ingredients to vac bad and seal with maximum pressure the bag will take without leaking, except water
  • Infuse overnight
  • Chinois mixture pushing out as much of the liquid as possible from the hops
  • Add liquid to the large evaporation flask with 2ml anti foam
  • Set rotavap water bath to 60 degrees
  • Evaporate all liquid slowing bring the mbar down to around 40
  • Collect liquid and measure abv - add water to bring abv down to 40%