• 1400 g Volcán Tequila £50.00
  • 500 g Preserved Blood Orange 50p
  • 100 g Filtered Water 0p
  • Total Ingredients Price:£50.50
  • Total Weight:2,000g
  • Total Yield:1,400ml
  • Price per 100g:£2.53
Yield Based Scaling
  • Volcán Tequila g
  • Preserved Blood Orange g
  • Filtered Water g
  • Yield ML
  • Slice oranges into halves or quarters
  • Add to a ferment bucket in layers
  • Once you have a single layer, cover in salt
  • Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have run out of fruit
  • Leave to preserve for at least 3 months, checking fruit is covered in salt regularly
  • After 3 months
  • Remove orange fruits from salt and liquid after preservation
  • Retain liquid for Blood Orange Saline and further preservation
  • Blend oranges to a pureé and freeze
  • Add 500g puree to tequila and blend further
  • Use anti foam to ensure easy distillation
  • Distill at 35º until all liquid is collected
  • Increase water bath temp to a max of 55ºC to collect all liquid

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