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  • Dish currently assigned to Archived Dishes section
  • 1  Deep fry the chicken without the batter until golden
  • 2  Finish in the oven
  • 3  Toast the bun
  • 4  Layer, dressing, chicken, shallots pickled, olive crumb, cheese grated, nori, gem (dressed in lime dressing) cheese again, dressing, bun lid
  • Dish Price £1.99
  • Dish Price including wastage £1.99 Wastage set at 0%
  • Sale Price GP: %
  • Chicken – Green Meats  Soya
  • Brioche Bun – Dunns  Cereals/Gluten
  • Purple Gem   No standard allergens
  • Vegan Caesar Dressing  Mustard, Nuts, Soya Beans, Sulphites
  • Vegan Cheese   No standard allergens
  • Black Olives   No standard allergens
  • Onion Rings Pickle  Mustard, Nuts, Soya Beans, Sulphites
  • Shallots – Banana   No standard allergens
  • Nori   No standard allergens
  • All   Soya, Cereals/Gluten, Mustard, Nuts, Soya Beans, Sulphites

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